Austin Griffin

Austin Griffin – One of the five Founders of the L.A. Pool League. Multi-term President and Statistician. Recipient of the Special Recognition Award, the Fall 1978 Mike LaVoie Award and the Marvin Beisel Award for “unusual dedication to the League.” Represented the Bunkhouse teams for many years.

bill dehn

The League announces with great sorrow the passing of BILL DEHN, a Charter Member and former five term President on Thursday January 18, 2018. at 5:11 A.M. PST at Placentia-Linda Hospital in Placentia, CA

Bill served for many years as our Treasurer and League Auditor providing his expertise with budgeting and the coordination of hotel and air travel for our delegations to the West Coast Challenge.

He brought us into the computer age with his spreadsheets detailing our Fund Raising tournament history which allowed us to examine the financial reasoning and viability of our Sunday events calendar.

Bill took particular pride in hosting the Select Committee established in the late 1990s to rewrite the Organizational Rules and the Rules of Play focussing on a solution for the lengthy Tuesday night matches and “slow play.” A time clock formula for each game was introduced which dramatically accelerated League matches. It remains the standard today.

We will remember his wise counsel, devotion and loyalty to the League along with his many contributions.

Our condolences to his family, friends and his longtime “hubby” Mark Nicley.

Further information will be released when we receive word from the family.


1948-October 2001

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Bill Hobson. On Sunday, October 21st, Bill lost his battle with cancer at the age of 53. Bill was co-owner of the Faultline, longtime League sponsor. He was one of the few sponsors that was also an active League member, playing many seasons in both our 8-Ball and 9-Ball Leagues. Bill was a good friend to many and will be sorely missed. We send our condolences to his family and friends.

 Bill Holland

It is with deep regret that I want to let the members and friends of the LAPL know that Bill Holland passed away early this morning. Bill was the owner of Trunks Bar and a very generous friend to all including supporting our league as both a long time sponsor and financial supporter.

If you would like to pay your respects, there will be 2 services both held in Palm Springs at the Weifels Mortuary / 690 Vella Rd / P.S.  The first service is this Thursday from 1-4 pm and the second service will be held at the same place on Saturday from 3-6 pm.

Brad Camac
LAPL President

bill holland ticket

bob holden1

March 1945-October 2000

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our longtime League member and dear friend and supporter, Bob Holden. After a long illness, he passed peacefully on October 6, 2000 at the Alliance Nursing Center of Echo Park in Los Angeles. 

A member of our League for well over twenty years, Bob was a high performer, a fierce competitor and true sportsman. For many years, he held the record for Championship Team titles at a seemingly insurmountable total of fifteen!  His native ability to digest, analyze and retain statistical information was remarkable. As a former League Historian and member of the Board of Governors, his experience, guidance and sense of continuity provided stability and order on an ever-changing League landscape. The League awarded him its highest honor for outstanding service, “The Mike LaVoie Award”, during the spring 1981 season. 

bob holden2

In the summer of 1982, Bob and Roy Hutchinson co-founded the 9-Ball League, which continues to draw many of the regular players from our larger 8-Ball League. It has thrived and will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in July 2001.  

His mind was always intellectually active. His knowledge and passion for the motion picture industry, entertainment and sports world was exceptional and he was a rare combination of both book and street smart. Steve Montgomery, his devoted and loving partner of 24 years, his two closest cousins, Cathi and Barbara, and a host of friends survive him. Bob’’s inspirational spirit, sense of humor and positive outlook will be sorely missed. He now becomes a part of our fondest memories.

Bob Reed

Bob Reed – A longtime member of the League. His primary sponsor affiliations were: Jaguar, Hunter’s and Trunks.

Brad Camac

We are sorry to inform you that Brad Camac long-time member of the pool league has passed away. Brad was the captain of Trunk’s “Russfull” team. Brad was a dedicated member of the pool league and he served six terms on the Board of Governors and three terms as President of the League. Our deepest condolences to his family, friends and team members. Brad will be missed.

We do not have any additional information about planned services at this time. When we do, we will send that information out.

Al Ballesteros

Obituary Link

Carlos Nararrete

Carlos Nararrete
Carlos Navarrete (photo by Marvin Beisel)
Carlos Nararrete
Carlos Navarrete (photo by Marvin Beisel)
Carlos Nararrete
left to right: Stevan Bailey, David Boyd, Carlos Navarrete, David Popma and Frank Ingalls.
(photo taken at the “1” Bar, formerly the Santa Fe Bar.

We regret to report that Dale Correll , former two time president, winner of the Marvin Beisel Award for Outstanding Service, and longtime member of the League, passed away peacefully in a convalescent home on Tuesday, May 8th, 2001. Dale had been suffering with congestive heart disease for years along with other complications. We send our condolences to his family and friends.


Jeffrey Hersh L.A. Pool League President

Dan Reiser

It is with great sorrow that I report the passing of our former League member Dan Reiser. Although he and his husband Charles Brown moved to New York nearly fifteen years ago, we wish to recognize their active and enthusiastic play and support of our League for many years. Rick and I visited them numerous times in New York in recent years.

Dan suffered an unexpected and sudden heart attack last night in New York. He was 49 years young with no prior history of health issues. How tragic.
Dan and Charles, Rick Ayres, Tony Wales and I played for years as a team from the Lodge. Dan and Charles initially joined the League from the Westside Bar and subsequently moved to the Mother Lode along with Doug Heaney (former member of the BOG and Marvin Beisel honoree). We later joined them at the In Touch Lounge which became the MoonShadow Lounge and now the Other Door.
It is difficult to measure the impact former players have on our history. Life goes on and the new members have never met their predecessors. They are part of a large group that supported the foundation of our League in the early 1980s and beyond. They were part of the golden years of the League when we had nearly 60 teams.
As one of their former team members along with my hubby Rick Ayres, and as a former historian of the League, we mourn the passing of Dan Reiser.
Jeffrey Hersh
Dan Reiser memorial

Don Carrier (February 2014)

Don Carrier joined the L.A. Pool League in the mid 1970s and remained a supporter of our activities until his passing on February 8, 2014 in Las Vegas – two days after his 66th birthday.

He was a child pool prodigy and during his active membership, he displayed his talents as a gifted player, instructor and mentor to many of his fellow League players.

He gave numerous seminars during and after relocating from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. He offered substantial financial and personal support to our hosted West Coast Challenges, Tribute events, and the League’s booths at Christopher Street West.

He was a central figure in the organization of the 110 attendee LAPL Sponsor’s Appreciation Dinner in 1986 held at the New York Company; the Frank Bustamante Tribute (December 2009); and the Joe Dreibus Lucky Draw Luncheon (October 2011) at the Sportsman’s Lodge. His seminar was attended by more than eighty members.

Over the course of many years, Don gave pro bono pool lessons for individual players and teams. He considered this to be just one of the ways he could contribute to the strength and spirit of our League.

One of his proudest projects was the creation of LAPL AIDS Quilt panels with Bob Ames. The four panels were displayed at our 25th Anniversary Party at the Sportsman’s Lodge and eventually sewn into the National AIDS Quilt.

Many of our players from that era credit Don with the inspiration to join the League and pursue the sport. His unselfish demeanor and sense of decency were the hallmarks of his character and personality.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to his husband René.

Jeffrey Hersh
Member since 1981

Anyone wishing to send a sympathy note to Don’s husband should use this address:

René de Guzman
1541 Canyon Ledge Court
Las Vegas NV 89117-1491


Doug McConnell

Our League has lost another long time friend and member. Doug McConnell passed away yesterday. He recently has been a regular at Trunks and at many LAPL fundraisers.  This picture is from the Hersh Archives.  

We will have an article about him on the web site soon and drink a toast at Trunks on Friday night at the LAPL Fundraiser. 

BOG nominations are now officially open, so you can nominate yourself in the stats (simply write “BOG Runner” by your name or in the message box).  So far Matt Reilly and Rob Leahy are running.

We would also like to wish a special welcome to Michael Gressett who won the Greased Lightning tournament.  You are now in the Los Angeles Pool League family.

Don’t forget to come out to Trunks Friday night for the fundraiser and again on Sunday for the Lucky Draw.


Bill Hoover

Douglas Bigger (July 2013)

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Douglas Bigger.  He was a long time member.  Penthouse was his home location for many seasons.  Nine Ball was a his favorite.  He also supported our League by attending many fundraisers and most League events.  He will be missed!

Good luck to everyone this coming weekend at WCC in San Diego.  Bring home the Gold and have fun!

Bill Hoover

Frank Bustamante

The family of Frank Bustamante just called to  inform us that Frank passed away this evening due to the most recent complications of his Leukemia. He suffered a mild heart attack earlier this week and contracted pneumonia.


David Boyd and I continue to be in direct contact with the family and they will advise the particulars of any services. With permission from the BOG, I will also arrange for a comprehensive obituary written on behalf of our League.

We certainly wish to provide this information and any address that would facilitate letters of condolence to his extended family.

On a personal note, I am grateful to the League Board of Governors, the Frank Bustamante Tribute Committee (Janell McKane, David Boyd, Angelo Pacella and Bill Hoover) for supporting David and I in our effort to arrange the event which afforded the large group of joyous friends that came to say goodbye to him on December 15th.

At present, we have no further details regarding time, date or location of any service.

4/5/2010 Follow Up from Jeffrey Hersh who has handled all the details and expenses to honor Frank publicly: 


The following notice has been placed in the Los Angeles Times running this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (April 9-11,2010)

Bustamante, Frank 


July 19, 1932 -April 2, 2010 The Los Angeles Pool League mourns the loss of the most revered member in our 36 year history. Frank has represented the epitome of Sportsmanship, friendship and dignity. Our community and League have suffered an irreparable loss. Our deepest condolences to his family.


Phillip Stephens, President and Chairman of the Board of Governors

Gale LaBarre (October 1, 2012)

08 August 1949 – 02 October 2012

First woman in the L.A. Pool League. First woman elected to the Board of Governors.

A Captain and longtime member of the Westside teams.

Jay Belleville (October 1st 2002)

Jay Belleville was our first President and one of the five founders of the LA 
Pool League. He was also the only one still active as a player. 

With Jay’s passing, only three of the five founders remain: Austin Griffin, Jerry Kuder and Larry Ehmpke. The last time all five of the founders gathered at a League function was in celebration of our 25th anniversary at the Sportsmen’s Lodge. Jay passed away on October 1, 2002.

Jim Stramel (March 2016)

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jim Stramel, a long-time member of the Los Angeles Pool League who died Friday.  Jim’s mother said Jim underwent surgery late last week in an effort to relieve a sever case of diverticulitis.  But since he had also been on chemo for the last three weeks to battle leukemia, his immune system was nearly wiped out, and Jim developed pneumonia after the surgery, and that’s what claimed his life.  Jim was 55.

Our deepest condolences to Jim’s family and teammates from Bar 10. His Captain Marty Brennan, submitted the following after speaking to Jim’s mother:

“He was in love with a sweet man named Mark, who Jim told me was at the hospital with him everyday.

Jim did not want a religious service.  His mother is hoping to talk to people at Santa Monica College, where he worked as a professor for decades, about arranging a memorial service of some kind.  She also hopes to set up a scholarship fund there that people can donate to in lieu of flowers.

If/when we hear any more details about those arrangements, we will pass these along.

A special request from Jim’s mom:  Jim had two cats – brother and sister Maine Coons.  She needs someone to take them in, as she herself has 3 dogs and can’t care for them herself. The cats are around 10 years old, healthy and spayed, and very shy but nice animals.  Jim “doted on them as his babies,” she said.  We are asking if anyone can adopt them or knows someone who can.  If interested, please contact Marty via this email address at the BOG.

When we know more about services or arrangements, we will let you know.

Nominations for BOG:  There are currently four seats open on the Board of Governors.  If you are interested in placing your name in nomination, please write it on the scoresheet or email us here by the end of week eight.  Thus far, Cliff Giles, Jr, and Matt Reilly, both current members are running.

Al Ballesteros, President

JoAnn Clark

We regret to inform the members of our League that Ms. JoAnn Clark passed away on Wednesday, April 21st after a brief but valiant battle with lung cancer.

JoAnn was a member of our League for almost 20 years and had served four terms on our Board of Governors beginning in Spring 1987.  She played many seasons with the Trunks teams and was frequently a top women’s competitor.  She will be missed.  A Memorial Celebration for JoAnn Clark.

Hollywood Church of Religious Science

7677 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.

Sunday, May 23, 2003 at 3:30 PM

In lieu of flowers, we ask that a donation be made in JoAnn’s name to:

Sojourn Services for Battered Women and Their Children

P.O. Box 7081
Santa Monica, CA 90406-7081

Perry (Joe) Dreibus

With deep sorrow we mark the passing of our dear spouse, parent, grandpa and friend, Perry Joseph “Joe” Dreibus January 31, 1928 – June 18, 2011, sailor, hockey player, craftsman, motorcycle buff, pool player, foodie, football fan. Perry was a devoted member of the LA Pool League, an avid sailor from the age of 5, a lifelong Packer Backer, and a passionate spokesman for the virtues of miniature dachshunds. Perry is survived by his loving wife, Grace Iverson Dreibus, his four stepchildren, Erin Judith Hayes, Laura Lynn Hayes and her husband James Grier Hoyt, Amy Jennifer O’Donnell and her husband David Charles O’Donnell, Peter Shawn Hayes and his wife, Maria Judith Getoff and grandchildren James Benjamin Hoyt, Sophie Elizabeth Hoyt, Amy Whitfield O’Donnell, Finnegan Kail O’Donnell and Molly Getoff Hayes. Perry will be deeply missed. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Alliance for the Great Lakes, dedicated to preservation of Perry’s first home, Lake Michigan, and her sister lakes. A memorial service will be held on Friday, July 1, 2011. Please contact Feerick Funeral Home for more information.

John Cochran (September 2012)

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of John Cochran, long time League member and friend. Michael Pfannenstiel informed us that John’s mother called at midnight last night with the sad news.  At this point we have very few details. There will be a Memorial Service at John’s Church and the League will hold an event to remember John, his friendship, his service to the League, and life. We will have a full article as soon as more details become available. We will continue to communicate via email with members and friends. 

Click here for arrangements or call Bill Hoover 323-321-8338 if you have questions.


John Cochran Arrangements

The Viewing and Rosary for John Cochran will be held this Friday, September 28th from 3 pm to 9 pm, with the Rosary at 7 pm.

Cabot & Sons Mortuary
27 Chestnut Avenue (NE corner Fair Oaks Ave. & Chestnut Ave.)
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 793‐7159.

From West Hollywood or Hollywood take the 101 Freeway south and merge onto the 110 Freeway North (to Pasadena). At end of Freeway make a left onto E. Colorado Blvd. and a right on N. Fair Oaks Avenue.

The Mass and Service will be held this Saturday, 

September 29th at 11:30 am

Holy Trinity Catholic Church

3716 Boyce Avenue (Atwater Village)

Los Angeles, CA 90039

From West Hollywood or Hollywood take Santa Monica Blvd. or Fountain Ave. to Western Ave. Left on Western Ave. and continue North. Western Ave. becomes Los Feliz Blvd. after Right hand curve. Continue on Los Feliz Blvd. over 5 Freeway, make a right on Boyce Avenue. 

Grave Site Service will follow the Mass Service

Resurrection Cemetery
966 N Potrero Grande Drive
Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 887‐2024

Michael Pfannenstiel informs us that there will be a reception following the Grave Site Service in San Gabriel
(information of the location to follow). If you are planning to attend the reception please advise the Board so John’s family knows how many to expect from his pool league family. If you are unable to attend, keep John and his family in your prayers and his family will let us know about flowers or donations once they have that arranged. 

Lastly, Michael wishes to Thank You for all the caring responses to John’s family and John’s pool team members.

Board of Governors
Los Angeles Pool League


There’s a face we shall always remember
A voice we shall always recall,
A memory to cherish forever,
Of one so dear to us all.

John Jones (June 2014)

John Jones was a long time player and supporter of the LAPL.  He died in June of 2014.

Lee Chavra (October 2013)

With great sadness, I wanted to let the pool league know of the passing of Lee Chavra who was a great friend and member of the pool league for many years.  Our hearts and prayers go out to Lee and all of his family members.

Lee Petrovich

Lee Petrovitch, a founder and eighth President of our League passed away on Sunday, April 9. 

Lee had been chronically ill for some years and suffered massive organ failure. He was 61 years of age.

According to Dan Lawson, his significant partner for the past three years, and a close friend for 30, there will be some form of Beer Bust party to celebrate his life. They are discussing arrangements for either Detour, Gauntlet or Rawhide. Details are to follow when known.

There will be no funeral in accordance with Lee’s wishes. Anyone wishing to send condolences can contact Bill Hoover of Jeff Hersh for details.

Marvin Beisel (Fall 1995)

19 December 1930 – Indianapolis, IN
26 November 1995 – Las Vegas, NV
Former six term President of the League


The Marvin Beisel Award was established by a unanimous vote of the Captains at the Spring 1985 registration meeting. The honor is accorded to that member of the League who has, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, exhibited an “unusual dedication to the L.A. Pool League.” Formerly known as the Mike LaVoie Award, it was renamed in Marvin’s honor. Nominations are submitted in writing by the membership during the regular season to the President or Statistician. A vote of the Board, by secret ballot, is generally held immediately prior to the Awards Banquet.

Paul H. Bussiere (May 2001)

It is with great regret that I report the passing of our member and dear friend Paul H. Bussiere on Friday, May 4, 2001.

Paul was a member of the L.A. Pool League since the late ’70s and played in each and every season without exception; never as an alternate, and more often than not as the Captain. Some years ago, when his close friend and teammate Mike Calderone decided to take a break from the rigors of the usual 30 or more weeks per year schedule, they both realized that their friendship had stood the test of competing together for more than thirty consecutive seasons. This must be a record for our League.

Paul was a very determined player and the results were obvious. He was one of the few multi-season League individual champions and also the holder of THREE West Coast Challenge individual titles; the first two being almost exactly ten years apart. However, nothing made him happier than a team win. He had that pleasure on several occasions. One of the teams consisted of Paul, Mike Calderone, Dale Barber and Bob Holden. Another was with Paul, Mike, Scott Holecek and Big Joe Dreibus. That team went on to win the West Coast Challenge Team Championship when L.A. hosted the event in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Grand Ballroom. His Fall 1986 championship team consisted of Paul, Mike, Dale Barber and Don Lee. Two other winning teams were with Paul, Scott, Rick Ayres and I. Some of these names are unknown to our newer members and it may be difficult to relate to these memories. However, they are part of the foundation of this League and their fierce support helped keep us strong.

Paul also gave his talent and time to the League. When the League needed banners for tournaments or the West Coast Challenge, Paul created and donated them. As a Master Electrician, he helped rig lighting for the L.A. hosted West Coast Challenge events. When Lou Butera (1973 World Pocket Billiards Champion) gave his exhibitions to our League, he made certain that all of the technical aspects were first rate. Most importantly, he stood as an example of good sportsmanship and fair play.

He also served six terms on the Board of Governors during the 1980s. He was tough but his heart was always with the best interests of the League. He opposed cash incentives for winning players in the firm belief that it would corrupt the spirit of the League and draw the wrong element. For his service to the League, he received the Special Recognition Award at the Spring 1988 season’s banquet at the Four Star.

Paul was a very private man and a devoted friend. He was the Rock of Gibraltar who could take a bullet without wincing and was definitely the man you’d want on the bridge in any storm. He was an experienced Captain; knowledgeable of our Rules of Play and always a gentlemen. He adored pool and it was obvious.

In the end, he couldn’t lick the aggressive form of Cancer he developed with no apparent cause ever established. During the last 9 months, he spent a substantial amount of time in various hospitals while the doctors tried in vain to save him. His partner of almost 20 years, Scott Holecek, devoted the last year of his life to ensuring his comfort and care.

As the League grows and time marches on, we experience the natural transition of members for many reasons. Some players who joined in the early days of the League and stayed the course for 20 or more years, experienced a cycle of youthful exuberance; full time participation in our tournaments; developed life long friendships, and then suffered through the abnormally early loss of more than 50 of our members to AIDS and other tragedies.

As the string gets shorter and the light grows dimmer, it seems, for some, all the more important to hold onto those friendships. Paul was one Hell of a class act and he will be missed by many.

Our prayers are with him tonight. We send our love and condolences to Scott and the family and friends who shared a life with him.

With love,

Jeffrey Hersh L.A. Pool League President

Paul H. Bussiere (May 2001) 2

Richard Dow

Richard Dow – Member of the RAIL team (now known as TRUNKS) from the early 1980s.

Rick Price (January 2014)

Richard Eston “Rick” Price, age 62 of Rensselaer passed away Thursday, January 16, 2014 in Rensselaer. Rick was born October 26, 1951 in Lafayette, Indiana, the son of Rollo Eston “Bud” Price and Mary Louise (Dickerson) Price, both deceased. He is survived by two siblings, William Gene Price (wife Terri) of Greenwood, Indiana, and Dr. Patti Price of Menlo Park, California, along with one niece, Lisa and two great­nieces. Rick graduated Rensselaer Central High School with the Class of 1969. He attended Indiana University, Bloomington, obtaining his B.A. in Psychology in 1974 and continued, and completed his M.A. in School Psychology in 1976. Rick worked as School Psychologist for Iowa Department of Education, then moved to Houston, Texas and worked for HISD until 1978 as a School Psychologist. He began work on his Doctorate in Counseling Psychology and completed his Ed.D. in 1987 from University of Houston.

Rick lived in Marshalltown and Ames, Iowa, and Springfield, Missouri, and returned to Rensselaer from Los Angeles, California in October, 2005, and lived with father until his death May, 2007. He was a member, Ordained Elder, and Session participant of First Presbyterian Church of Rensselaer. He was also a member of the Northside Pool League and the Men’s Bridge Club.

Rick enjoyed exercising, jogging, weight lifting, and music. He was a DJ at Clubs in Iowa, Houston, and L.A. He also enjoyed dancing, bicycle riding, hiking, and camping, among other activities. Friends will be received at the Jackson Funeral Chapel of Rensselaer Sunday, January 19, 2014 from 2­-5 P.M. CST. Funeral services will be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Rensselaer Monday, January 20, 2014 at 10:30 A.M. CST with Pastor James Dougans officiating. Burial will follow at Memory Gardens Cemetery, Rensselaer. Rick asks that in lieu of flowers, please consider donating to A.S.P.C.A., American Heart Fund, or Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Rod Lansing (December 2013)

Two people who were close to the league have passed recently.  Rod Lansing passed away a few weeks ago and John Cochran’s mother just passed.  The email below was sent by the family of John Cochran.  All of us knew how much he loved his mother. 

“Our mom, Margaret, passed away on Saturday, January 4. We were fortunate to have celebrated a beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas with her. She became ill after Christmas and we had many loved ones with her in the final moments. I find comfort in knowing she will be cared for by John.

Please notify John’s friends, as she would want them to know how much she cared for them. Your continued prayers and thoughts are appreciated. The services will be as follows:

Fri 1/10 7 PM 

Rosary at Cabot & Sons in Pasadena, 27 Chestnut Street, Pasadena 

91103, 626-793-7159

Sat 1/11 11 AM 

Mass at Holy Redeemer Church in Montrose, 2411 Montrose Avenue, Montrose 91010

Wishing each of a you a safe and prosperous new year.

Thank you. Emily, Errol, Steve and Liz (family of John Cochran)”

Also Vern Addison’s long time partner Georgia has passed.

Flowers are requested for her services which will be held next Wed January 15, 2014. 

Vern would like for the flowers to be sent to her home:

Vern Addison
4048 1/2
W. 21st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90018

For anyone wishing to attend her memorial service, the service will be held on:

Wednesday January 15, 2014 @ 11:00 am

Spalding Mortuary
3045 S. La Brea
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Russ Pepin (December 18th 2017)

It is with regret we announce that Russ Pepin passed last night at about 7:30 PM at home.  Russ was a long-time LAPL member and past board member.  Over the last several days many of our league members, past and present visited Russ and provided support to his caregivers Brad Camac and Jake Fisher.  Russ knew our collective presence was with him during this time.  He will be missed.

Tony Wales (December 2010)

Tony originally joined the League as a member of the BANANAS bar that was eventually named C-FRENZ located on Reseda Boulevard. Tony joined teams sponsored by (but not exclusively) In Touch East, Jox, Rawhide/Shooters and the Lodge. He was a high performer, primarily as an Open Individual capturing the League Open title multiple times and the West Coast Challenge Open title TWICE.

His untimely passing occurred on 04 December 2010 due to lung Cancer.

 Walt Elk (May 15, 2014)

Walt was a member of the LAPL for 14 years, playing many of them at Roosterfish with his good friend Jim Strammel.  He died of a stroke on May 15th 2014.  He will be missed by all who knew him.  

Walt Elk (May 15, 2014) 2

Wayne L. Babin (May 4, 1987)

Wayne L. Babin – (Passed May 1987)

Captain of the Spike Teams – Rules Chair – Vice President and four term League President. 

Born: 04 July 1939 – Louisiana
Died: 04 May 1987 – Los Angeles