Billiard Chalk For The Winner

Billiard Chalk For The Winner
Wager 5 USD
Location Gold Coast Bar, Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, USA
Creation date 01-01-2019
Expiration date 01-01-1970
Advertiser 1ayres


Looking for a pool match...Race to 9. Winner will win a gift box of two Blue Diamond billiard chalks that are made in the USA.

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1ayres's Profile

Game(s): 8 Ball
Experience: BCA, APA, UPA, Other leagues, Local tournaments, International tournaments
Preference: 7' table, 9' table
Biography: Competitive 8-Ball player of 37 years. Local, state and international titles. Team captain for 60+ LAPL league in Los Angeles. Member of the West Coast Hall of Fame.