As corrected/amended by the Members – January 22, 2015



  1. Each sponsor is encouraged to have two (2) teams.(Fall 2014)
    1. Deleted (Fall 2014).
    1. Cost shall be $260.00 per team. (Spring 2015)
    1. Any checks returned to the League will incur a $10.00 LATE CHARGE plus any expenses incurred by the League.
  1. A team will consist of a minimum of four (4) members and a maximum of six (6) members.
  2. Will have a designated member as Captain.
  3. Will submit Captain and member’s names at the Member’s Registration meeting.

(Provisions in this section can be overruled by 2/3rds vote of the Board of Governors due to special circumstances).

  1. A Captain or member whose name has been submitted at the Registration meeting is not eligible to participate on any other team during the current season. New players within their first season can change teams later in that season up to week six (6) with approval from the BOG. (Fall 2014)
  2. Changes in team personnel require notification to the President or Statistician by 8:00

P.M. on the day prior to a match. Notification must be done in person, by telephone, fax or e-mail (Violation will result in forfeiture of games played by an ineligibleplayer). No additions to the roster will be permitted during the Playoff rounds.

  • Teams will be considered withdrawn from the League at the Registration Meeting if they fail to:
    • Have a Representative in attendance.
    • Pay entry fees.
  • Teams that withdraw, forfeit or are withdrawn during the season will have their entire seasonal scores voided. The League will then be placed on percentages.
  • Team members whose names have been submitted at the Member’s Registration Meeting will be eligible to play on that team during the regular season.
  • A player whose name has been listed on a team roster and subsequently removed is not eligible to rejoin that team for the remainder of the season.


  1. Be present or have a Representative present at the Registration Meeting
  • Designate an alternate Captain in their absence.
  • Determine team roster.
  • Act as liaison between team and Board of Governors.
  • Ensure compliance with all provisions of the league score sheet.
  • Must inform League President of Statistician of any changes in team personnel.
  • It is the responsibility of each team Captain to donate two (2) $20.00 minimum gifts or gift cards from his/her team at the Awards Party at the end of the Spring and Fall seasons. If no donation is received by the Captain or a representative of that team, the

$40.00 will be added to the following season’s team registration fees if the Captain continues to be a Captain in the League.

  1. Approve any sponsors or an increase in teams from current sponsors.
    1. Approve any changes in entry fees.
    1. Approve any expenditures from the general fund: 1)Regarding the WEST COAST CHALLENGE.
      1. That are not specifically essential to the operation of the League season.
      1. That were not previously voted upon or mentioned in these By Laws.
    1. Elect a League Auditor to inspect financial records.
    1. Request that the President call a Member’s Meeting or vote upon written petition of 1/3 of the Captains.
    1. Amend these Rules in accordance with Article VII.



There shall be seven (7) elected members, each with one (1) vote unless such member(s) be disqualified by reason of conflict of interest.

  1. Nominations for the Board shall be open on the fifth week (5th) of play. Players must nominate themselves and must do so by writing their name on the score sheet, along with the indication that they would like to run for the Board. Nominations will be closed at 10

a.m. on the Wednesday after the seventh (7th) week of play. The Election committee will hold the election before the end of the regular season. BOG nominees may submit a brief statement about themselves or what they wich to achieve, and that statement and a picture will be posted to the website. (Fall 2014)

  • Four (4) members shall be elected during the Spring Season.
  • Three (3) members shall be elected during the Fall Season.
  • Term of office shall be one (1) year culminating with the WEST COAST CHALLENGE.
  • Board Runners be notified of the ballot count in writing, immediately following the tabulation by the Election Committee. League members will be notified via the next weekly standings.
  • In the event that any League member has evidence that a Board member is guilty of malfeasance or nonfeasance in office he/she may ask for a full hearing of the Board of Governors.
  1. A motion stating the charge must be presented at the B.O.G. meeting. Malfeasance shall be defined as wrongdoing or misconduct or the commission of an illegal act. Nonfeasance shall be defined as failure to perform duties as defined by league rules.
  2. In the event that a motion carries by a three-fourths majority of the B.O.G. the member shall be removed and Section II part G shall apply.
  3. The suspended member has the right to appeal the decision at the next Member's meeting. However, in the meantime, the member will be removed immediately until said meeting.  All voting rights, subsidies and other privileges of that member of the Board will be revoked immediately. A replacement will be appointed by the Board immediately. (S2012)
  4. In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Governors, the Board, by a majority vote, shall fill the term of the departing member who will serve out the term of that replaced member. (S 2001)
  5. Election Committee:
  6. An Election Committee shall be appointed each season by the President, with the approval of the Board. The committee members will receive the official ballots from the Statistician which will list the official candidates by random draw. (Fall 2014)
  7. Ballots will be personally distributed by the Election Committee on a regular night of play to each of the participating bar locations. All League players who are present will be permitted to vote at that time by secret ballot. Any current member may request, via email, to the Election Chairperson of the BOG, a ballot for the purpose of Absentee Voting in a current election. The completed ballot is to be returned to the Election Chair person to be included with their team’s ballots for inclusion in tabulations by the Election Committee. The Election Committee Chairperson will verify that the total ballots in a team’s envelope do not exceed the number of members on a team. If the absentee ballot would exceed the number allowed, then it would become null and void. F2011.
  8. Following the vote, the Election Committee will take custody of the ballot boxes and arrange for a prompt counting within one week after which they will immediately report the results to the President who will inform the candidates and the League.
  1. Elect League Officers.
  2. The approval and removal of all committee members.
  3. Meet at the request of the President or two board members.
  4. Determine the location of the League party with accommodations and price as the major considerations. League sponsors will be given first priority.
  5. Take appropriate action with respect to teams or individuals who violate League rules or whose conduct is deemed detrimental to the League.
  6. Shall approve all agreements regarding the WEST COAST CHALLENGE.
  7. Shall ensure that all extra-League activities or agreements are in the best interest of the League before authorizing or sanctioning said agreements or activities.
  8. Shall be totally responsible for the accuracy of all financial statements and their supporting documentation.
  9. Shall review and approve all expenditures and all committee recommendations.
  10. Shall purchase and present awards as follows:
    1. Top eight (8) individuals, top four (4) women and top four (4) teams.
    1. Certificates for top team and top individual in each Division.
    1. Certificates and/or trophies for sanctioned tournaments, as appropriate. (Fall 2014)
    1. Perpetual trophy and plaque to winning sponsor.
  • When appropriate, the Mike LaVoie Award for unusual dedication to pool.
    • When appropriate, the Frank Bustamante Sportsmanship Award for demonstrating outstanding integrity and sportsmanship.
    • When appropriate, a Special Recognition Award for unusual service to the League.
    • When appropriate, the Marvin Beisel Award for unusual dedication to the League.
    • The John E. Isakson Memorial Award is reserved for presentation to a sponsor.
  • Take necessary action essential for organization and operation of the Pool League season unless otherwise restricted herein. Shall make policy otherwise not contained herein.

1). The Board of Governors is specifically prohibited from invoking or relying upon this section or any other section of the LAPL By-Laws to provide a subsidy,

reimbursement or stipend of any kind to LAPL players to the WCC when hosted by the LAPL. Additionally, the Board may also not overrule this provision by invoking (specifically but not limited to) Article I, Section III, Eligibility, Forfeiture & Withdrawl, A- G commonly referred to as “Special Circumstances”). (Fall 2014)

  • Shall attend and assist in running all fund raisers when possible.


  1. Coordinate the activities of the Board of Governors, its officers, and all committees.
  2. Call, provide agenda for, and preside over regularly scheduled board meetings.
  3. Write (or have a designee write) and present to the Statistician a copy of CHALK TALK after each board meeting containing the following:
    1. Board members present at the meeting.
    1. Individual voting of members, by name, when not unanimous.
    1. Major items of business voted upon by the board, and
    1. Dissemination of information regarding current and future activities of the league.
  4. Coordinate and determine, with Board approval, the location of the League party with accommodations and price as the major considerations. League sponsors will be given first priority.
  5. Schedule, provide agenda for, and preside over all Members Meetings.
  6. Be co-signatory on all bank accounts.
  7. Appoint committee members and chairpersons with the approval of a board majority.
  8. Preside over the West Coast Challenge when in Los Angeles including the following:
    1. Appoint a local WCC Committee to help coordinate all activities.
    1. Solicit bids for the facility to house the tournament.
    1. Serve as chairperson of the WEST COAST CHALLENGE.
  9. Coordinate travel arrangements for board members and players if the WCC is not in LA.
  10. Be responsible for communications and negotiations for the league and league members, with the general public, other organizations, their agents, and publications, unless otherwise restricted by these By Laws.
  11. Be responsible for providing any and all financial data or official minutes. 1)After every season to a legally acceptable auditor.
  12. Upon legal request of any league member.
  13. Upon legal request of any government entity.
  • Maintain records for his/her term in office.
  • Comply with all By Laws not covered in these duties.
  1. Act on behalf of the League President when the President is out of town or upon request of the President.
  • Serve as Chairperson of the Fund Raiser Committee. The chairperson's responsibilities shall be as follows
  • To establish each fund raising functions, format and content.
  • To conduct each function in person or make suitable arrangements if he is unable to attend or the function requires more than one facility.
  • To contact and make all necessary arrangements with the facility(ies) to be utilized.
  • To supply all paraphernalia necessary for the function.
  • To oversee the functions from beginning to end to ensure smooth operation.
  • To design, publish, and have distributed, all publicity for fund raisers.
  • To conduct all fund raising functions at the League's pool party.
  • To solicit donations for all raffles.
  • To solicit voluntary help for each function before the actual date of the event.
  • To be responsible for all monies until surrendered to the Treasurer.
  • When a Fund Raising function has 60 League members or more

participating, the winner(s) of those functions will act as guests to the next WCC, with appropriate expenses paid.

  • Project and present to the Board, at least four (4) weeks before the next Members' Meeting, a detailed schedule for the upcoming season and a general schedule for the entire year.
    • Comply with all By Laws not covered in these duties.
  1. Record the minutes of the Board of Governors and Members' Meetings.
  2. Present, either orally or in writing, the minutes from the previous board and/or Members


  • Present, in a timely manner, a written copy of the minutes of regularly scheduled board meetings to the League President.
  • Handle general correspondence, as necessary, with Board Members, league members, WCC cities, and other organizations.
  • Send thank you notes to persons, bars, or organizations as deemed necessary.
  • Produce a list of volunteers from the player registration sheets and distribute.
  • Serve as Chairperson of the Recruitment Committee. The chairperson’s responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    • Coordinate the recruitment of new members and playing locations.
    • Contact persons who have expressed an interest in joining the league. 3). Contact new members to determine if they are enjoying their expeience. 4). Contact captains to inquire as to available openings for new members. 5). Design, create, publish, and distribute recruitment materials as needed. 6). Contact outside organizations to facilitate recruitment.

7). Conduct other activities to encourage recruitment.

  • Comply with all By Laws not covered in these duties.
  1. Keep accurate financial records of both income and expenditures according to acceptable accounting procedures.
  2. Be co-signatory on all bank accounts.
  3. Deposit all monies collected within seven (7) working days after receipt and furnish documentation of same upon demand. (Spring 2015)
  4. Write checks paying League obligations in a timely manner for the following:
    1. Semi-annual Pool League cocktail/buffet party.
    1. Trophies.
    1. West Coast Challenge.
    1. Statistician, and
    1. All others as directed by the Board unless otherwise restricted by these By Laws.
  5. Provide a budget upon request of the Board.
  6. Prepare:
    1. A financial statement for the Members' Meetings.
    1. A financial report for each regularly scheduled Board Meeting, and
    1. A financial statement upon proper request from the League President, a League member, or a governmental entity.
  7. Select, with volunteer assistance, trophies for the League.
  8. Maintain all activity including receipts and disbursements of funds related to the ac count to be entitled: ‘Members Memorial Fund’ for the benefit and support of any pre sent and/or former members. The funds may be used at the direction of the BOG for flowers, cards, small donations or remembrances for members who are ill, have lost a loved one, or are determined to need assistance. Donations to the ‘Members Memorial Fund’ can be received individually through the generosity of our members and spon- sors and/or by designation of a specific fundraiser which would be approved by the BOG.

The criterion for the disbursement of these assistance funds shall be to provide: medi- cal, food, rent and other life sustaining expenses as determined by the BOG. These funds may not be used to borrow or pledge in favor of the League’s credit, financial support or the payment of the current or proposed future League expenditure or obliga- tions.

  1. Comply with all By Laws not covered in these duties.
  1. Conduct the team registration at the Members Meeting.
  2. Distribute, collect, and deliver to the Secretary the player registration sheets.
  3. Coordinate:
    1. The drawing for team and divisional slots at the Members Meeting.
    1. The season's schedule of play, and
    1. The organization and distribution of the packets to the Captains and bars well before regularly scheduled play begins.
  • Collect all scores at the designated drop-off point on the nights of scheduled play.
  • Report, in a timely manner, all protests to the Chairperson of the Rules and Protest.
  • Present to each Board Member the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all team Captains.
  • Keep an accurate record of personnel addresses and phone numbers of all team Captains.
  • Produce and mail the League's weekly standings consisting of:
    • Team and individual scores on a cumulative basis.
    • Current week's team results.
    • Following week's team schedules.
    • All table runners, and
    • Any announcements of events or business pertaining to the Pool League.

I           Supply to the Chairperson of the Tournament Committee information needed for play- offs.

  • Be paid as stated in Article 1, Section 1 C. of these Bylaws.
  • Comply with all By Laws not covered in these duties.
  1. Act as the main liaison between the Board and the committee Captains.
  2. Contact, in a timely manner, the Statistician to ascertain the nature of any protest lodged since the last night of play.
  3. Hold meetings, when necessary, to resolve all pending protests.
  4. Contact the Captains involved and obtain a statement from each regarding the nature of the protest.
  5. Present each protest to the committee in an unbiased manner.
  6. Review and improve procedures, guidelines, and rules of play that will expedite and insure consistency in the reviewing and investigation of all protests.
  7. Inform, in writing, the parties involved with a protest as to the outcome of said protest.
  8. Consider all other matters as directed by the Board.
  9. Report all committee recommendations to the Board.
  10. Comply with all By Laws not covered in these duties.
  1. Act as liaison between the Board and the committee members.
  2. Organize all play-offs for the League. The Chairperson's responsibilities shall be as follows:
    1. To establish the format of the individual and team brackets.
    1. To contact and make all necessary arrangements with facilities to be used.
    1. To secure an adequate number of judges for trophy round matches.
    1. To make sure the individual and team play-playoff schedules are receivedby the Captains before the rounds begin.
    1. To determine eligibility for play-off slots based upon win/loss records.
    1. To establish individual and team schematics on the last night of play.
    1. To oversee the play-offs from beginning to end to ensure smooth.
  3. Report all committee recommendations to the Board.
  4. Comply with all BY LAWS not covered in these duties.


  1. Standing committees shall be as follows: 1). Rules Committee
  2. Fundraising Committee
  3. Playoff Committee
  4. Temporary committees may be established, as needed, by the Board.
  5. Committees shall consist of 3 to 7 members for the purpose of making recommendations to the Board of Governors.
  1. Rules Committee shall:
    1. Establish criteria and report on the facilities of new sponsors.
    1. Review rule changes and investigate protests.
  2. Fundraising Committee shall make:
    1. Necessary preparations for approved activities.
    1. Recommendations for the use of Fund Raising monies with actual disbursement based on approval by the Board and two (2) other committee members.
  3. Playoff committee shall:
    1. Schedule the regular season, the Playoffs and authorized tournaments.
    1. Provide judges for the Playoffs when there are only four teams, eight individuals and four women remaining in the brackets and the final match for the Hi/Lo tournament.
  4. Recruitment Committee shall:

1). Encourace recruitment of new members and playing locaitons.



  1. Players must be on the team roster on week six (6) to qualify for any post season playoff participation. F2013
  2. Teams - by total wins. All eligible players must have a minimum of 25% of games played as a member of a registered team in our league during the current ten week season to participate in playoffs and WCC competition (S2014).
  3. Individuals - by percentages with a minimum of 55% of games played as a member of a registered team in our League during the current ten week season.
  4. The first and second place teams from each division and additional wildcard teams as necessary to fill the sixteen (16) playoff slots.
  5. The top sixty-four (64) individuals based upon percentages with a minimum of 55% games played as a registered member during the current season will constitute the playoff bracket. 1). The Board of Governors is specifically prohibited from authorizing and providing any subsidies, reimbursements or travel and room night assistance four our players when we are the host of the West Coast Challenge.
  6. The top sixteen (16) women individuals based upon percentages with a minimum of 55% games played as a registered member during the current season will constitute the women's playoff bracket.
  7. Women are only able to play in either the Women’s competition or the Open Individuals, but can not play in both. (Fall 2014).
  8. Hi-Lo entrants must have played a minimum of 55% of the current season’s games.
  9. A player participating in any individual playoff must be present at the time his/her match is called by the Tournament Committee official(s). Failure to be present will result in a forfeiture of that match and the decision cannot be reversed.
  1. All ties involving teams or individuals assured of a playoff berth are to be re-solved by a coin toss or draw. This will determine position in the brackets only.
  2. A tie breaker will be held for teams only to determine which team will be in the playoffs.
  1. Teams will be ranked first through sixteenth and individuals first through sixty-four according to total wins during regular season play.Women's Playoffs will be ranked first through sixteen.
  2. Teams to be seeded in accordance with current Playoff schematics. Once Hi-Lo teams are determined by their percentage, the team seeding will be determined by random draw, therefore byes are also random. (S2012) Open Individuals and Women: All members in attendance at the individual Playoffs will be seeded according to season end percentages.
  3. Advancing will occur as follows:
    1. Teams advance based on the first team to reach nine (9) wins. In the event of an 8/8 tie, a seventeenth game will be played to determine the winner. Captains will choose their player and a lag for break will occur.
    1. Individuals will advance based on the winner of a 3 out of 5 match.
    1. Women's individual Playoff will advance based on the winner of a 3 out 5 match.
    1. Hi-Lo Teams advance based on the winner of a 3 out of 5 match.
  4. Playoff locations will be chosen on the basis of playing conditions.
  1. The team who wins first place overall in Team Playoffs must participate in the WCC as a team. Players will not be eligible for competition in any other event. Players must be on the roster in week six (6) to qualify for WCC participation (F2013). All eligible play- ers must have a minimum of 25% of games played as a member of a registered team in our league during the current ten week season to participate in WCC and Playoffs (S2014).
  2. Participation in the WCC:
    1. Top Team
    1. The top seven Individuals plus the “Last Chance Qualifier ” winner as eighth place.
    1. The top four Women.
    1. First place Hi/Lo Team
  3. All matches played for the top eight (8) individuals, top four (4) women, four (4) team and the final Hi/Lo match will be played by West Coast Challenge rules in preparation of the WCC.
  • If you start play in any individual Playoff event (which begins at the closing of registration), including Hi/Lo, and decide not to finish, before you have reached the WCC qualifying rounds, you will forfeit your rights to:
    • Play in ANY West Coast Challenge event for that current season; and
    • Participate, during the following season, in that event in which you dropped out of during the regular season.
  • Player participants, referees and Board Members, who are required to attend the WCC will receive a percentage of one nights lodging provided they stay at the host hotel and also airfare paid where appropriate. The amount of the stipend will depend on funds available in the operating account of the LAPL after all regular season obligations have been paid leaving a minimum balance of Four Hundred and 00/100 dollars ($400.00) in said account. The available funds will be paid out evenly to all Player participants, referees and Board Members that qualify for the stipend. This will be paid by the treasurer to the player during the weekend of the event provided there are sufficient funds in the treasury. (F2014). Failure to participate or pre-pay for each of the three (3) fundraisers needed to qualify for the 100% stipend for the WCC will make the player ineligible for any WCC stipend. (F 2014)
  • The Board of Governors, at their discretion, shall be empowered to impose a penalty of 'nothing' but not more than a 'two season disqualification' for failure to appear as directed. This rule requires the attendance at the opening and closing

ceremonies. Team playoffs will be held prior to open individual and women's individual playoffs. Members of the winning team are not eligible to play in these events.

  • The Open Individuals, Women's Individuals, and Hi/Lo will have a $15.00 entry fee. (Spring 2015).
  • The Open Individuals matches will be played with a one (1) minute extension per game. Matches that go to a 5th game will have two (2) one minute extensions per game (S2014).
  • The winner of the “Last Chance Qualifier” will be our Open Individual Eighth Place Player. This tournament is open to any player that has not previously played (with the exception of the “Lo “ in Hi-Lo) in a WCC event. If the winner of the “Last Chance Qualifier” is unable to attend the WCC, then the spot will be given to the 8th place finisher at the Individuals Tournament. If that player is unable to attend, then the spot will be given to the 9th place finisher, and so on. (F2010)
  • No LAPL member may play in any WCC qualifying event from more than one city. Any member who plays in multiple cities is required to stipulate at the beginning of the season which city they will qualify in. This must be communicated in writing to the WCC.



Protests and Amendments: Protests will be allowed only if based on an incorrect application of a playing rule or a matter charging a player with unsportsmanlike conduct. The protested game should be circled with a brief explanation on the front of the score sheet.

The Board of Governors is required to meet the Monday night preceding the last night of regular season play to settle any outstanding protests. This is the final night in which protests will be heard for the first nine weeks of season play. Any disputes which may arise on the last (tenth)

week of play will be resolved by the Board when score sheets are personally turned in the last night of play, as required.


All new business should be submitted to any Board Member at least 48 hours in advance of the Members Meeting and if possible, will be posted on the website prior to the meeting.

Submissions should be written in the form of a motion. Any major changes to organization or major rule changes must be distributed to the members prior to the meeting (S2014).

Amendments to these By Laws will be by a simple majority vote of the Members at the Member’s Meeting.