Summer 2019 9 Ball Schedule

LAPL Summer-2019-9-Ball-Schedule

The LA Pool League will start its 9 ball season on Tuesday, June 25. The schedule is posted below. Thanks to Tod and Steve for organizing this for LAPL. 

 June 25 8:00 PM Week 1 
 Home VisitorsLocation
 Team Rick RemirezVSTeam Ezra HuberTrunks
 Team Beth BrownVSTeam Jake FisherGold Coast
 Team Steve DuckmanVSTeam Al BallesterosPublic House
 Team Don AndesVSTeam Marc LaidlerLittle Joy
 July 2 8:00 PM Week 2 
 Home VisitorsLocation
 Team Jake FisherVSTeam Steve DuckmanGold Coast
 Team Al BallesterosVSTeam Rick RemirezJerry's Billiards
 Team Marc LaidlerVSTeam Beth BrownLittle Joy
 Team Ezra HuberVSTeam Don AndesBrickyad
 July 9 8:00 PM Week 3 
 Home VisitorsLocation
 Team Ezra HuberVSTeam Marc LaidlerBrickyad
 Team Beth BrownVSTeam Al BallesterosGold Coast
 Team Rick RemirezVSTeam Steve DuckmanTrunks
 Team Don AndesVSTeam Jake FisherLittle Joy
 July 16 8:00 PM Week 4 
 Home VisitorsLocation
 Team Al BallesterosVSTeam Don AndesJerry's Billiards
 Team Steve DuckmanVSTeam Beth BrownPublic House
 Team Jake FisherVSTeam Ezra HuberGold Coast
 Team Marc LaidlerVSTeam Rick RemirezLittle Joy
 July 23 8:00 PM Week 5 
 Home VisitorsLocation
 Team Rick RemirezVSTeam Jake FisherTrunks
 Team Ezra HuberVSTeam Steve DuckmanBrickyad
 Team Don AndesVSTeam Beth BrownLittle Joy
 Team Al BallesterosVSTeam Marc LaidlerJerry's Billiards
 July 30 8:00 PM Week 6 
 Home VisitorsLocation
 Team Steve DuckmanVSTeam Don AndesPublic House
 Team Beth BrownVSTeam Rick RemirezGold Coast
 Team Ezra HuberVSTeam Al BallesterosBrickyad
 Team Marc LaidlerVSTeam Jake FisherLittle Joy
 August 6 8:00 PM Playoffs Final 4 
 August 13 8:00 PM Playoffs Finals 
 August 18 12:00 PM Open Individuals at Jerry's Billiards 
 August 27 Awards Party 

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